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In order to of preserve the health of the supporting tissue, parodont1 we perform different treatments, from tartar removal to periodontal therapy with smaller periodontal-surgical procedures, in our clinic.

What is necessary for tooth maintenance in the oral cavity and dental system health.

Some of the most common and most attractive ones are:

Gingivectomy is a surgical excision of the gingiva tissue (gums).

Gingivoplastic is a surgical shaping of the healthy gingiva tissue surrounding the tooth. None of the mentioned procedures involves removal of the bone.

Gingivoplastic gives the gingiva a natural appearance (shape). This surgical treatment re-shapes malformations and asymmetries caused by the genetic factor, but can as well be entirely cosmetically motivated (gummy smile, uneven teeth length and irregular dental arch appearance). Gingivoplastic is most commonly carried out regardless of gingivectomy, but can be done before or after gingivectomy.

parodont2Gingivectomy or gingivoplastic are most commonly done with a scalpel, but electrosurgical devices, lasers and/or diamond drills can also be used. The dentist can use specially designed instruments for the mentioned surgical treatments.

More complex periodontal therapy which involves tissue transplantation are undertaken by the specialist in periodontology.

ALL the procedures in our clinic are carried out in a very relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.

It is of great importance to us that our patients feel relaxed and comfortable, that they have confidence in their doctors and that therapy results are predictable and of high quality.
All the materials, instruments and apparatus we use in the therapy are the product of tested and experienced producers of dental materials and equipment.