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It is essential to start raising the awareness of dental care very early in life.preventiva - poliklinika orthonova There is no strict age limit, but it is important to introduce a dentist and dental office to a child as early as possible. Two year old children are ideal for this introduction. Until then we believe that the parental awareness of teeth hygiene importance will be high enough to ensure that the child does not have cavity. In that case, there is no need for dental interventions.

During these first encounters we meet, talk and get introduced to equipment and space, as well as to the importance of healthy teeth.

This period is very important for the following years, in case there is a need for dental treatment.

The first treatment should be dental sealant application.

preventiva - poliklinika orthonovaDental fissure sealing is recommended not only for permanent, but also for deciduous teeth (because they also have fissures). Sealing is a short preventive atraumatic procedure of closing the fissures and small holes using resin to prevent plaque cumulation on those tooth areas which are almost impossible to clean (brush).

Protective rubber splints are recommended aids for the protection of your smile if you do sports or you are a patient who needs more than one prosthetic treatment or who grinds his/her teeth.

Naturally, sport splints differ from night splints in material and volume, but they serve the same purpose – protection of your smile.